Specialized in the production of various specifications of high and low grade paper tube and paper tube machinery.
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Our company produce professionally various specification of high and low grade paper tube and paper tube machinery.Such as:paper plastic composite tube,sealing paper tube,Aluminum foil paper tube,Industrial paper tube,tape paper tube,plastic wrap paper tube,plastic film tube,chemical fiber tube,dyeing and printing paper tube,large-diameter paper tube,coil tube etc.Advanced technical force, first-class production and processing equipment and the management of design, production, sales set up long-term cooperation relationship with many companies.Our company is in line with "customer first, honesty first" principle,always put the customer requirements and satisfaction as the aim of striving and provide high quality service for new and old customers.It can also be customized according to customer's needs.
  • A composite paper cans is a kind of packaging container made of paper and other materials in recent years. 2017-05-03
  • 1、Willing to sell our products and have certain sales channels.2、No purchase requirement for dealers 2017-05-03
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